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Twin-Path® Slings have been an important rigging solution for heavy lifting applications across a number of industries for over 20 years. And now under licence with Slingmax®, our Twin-Path® Slings are manufactured to order in Australia, supplied within short lead times. Not only do the slings have the precision, strength and flexibility to successfully perform lifts from 5 tonnes to an incredible 600 tonnes – they are a fraction of the weight of wire rope slings. The lightweight nature of the slings, coupled with several important safety features ensures lifts are performed quicker, safer and much easier than traditional wire slings.
Our Twin-Path Slings are made-to-order and can be customised to suit your application. Contact our Customer Care team now for further information.

K-Spec® Core Fibre Technology

Unlike other fibre slings, Twin-Path Slings are constructed from a unique proprietary blend of K-Spec high-performance fibres, which will not stretch under load – enabling the accurate planning of a heavy lift. Less time and manpower is spent on rigging for most construction and maintenance schedules and a range of engineered protective pads and covers protect the slings from wear and tear.

The Check-Fast system provides for a pass/fail inspection of the internal load bearing core yarn. Damage to the core yarn from fibre on fibre abrasion, fatigue, and severe overload can be detected. If the sling is mistakenly loaded beyond rated capacity, the early warning indicator (EWI), which is the internal load bearing core yarn, will disappear before the sling fails.

Fibre Optic Inspection for Twin-Path Slings

Twin-Path slings have the Fibre Optic inspection system. The condition of the internal core yarn can be inspected just by checking the continuity of the fibre optic cable ability to transmit light from one end to the other, giving the inspector a reason to remove the sling from service, and sent it in for repair evaluation. The fibre optic cable will conduct light using natural, overhead or flashlight sources. The inspector simply covers and removes their finger from one end, and watches the other end for blinch, which indiciates that the sling is OK to use for another lift. Please note that this is not recommend in Twin-Path Slings above 100t rated.

Synthetic Armor pads protect slings from abrasion damage, which can be caused by contact with rough surfaces, such as concrete beams and structures. They are also used to protect finished, or painted loads from marring. These pads can be made to fit any length or width sling. They can also be made in long lengths, which the customer can cut into suitable sizes on the job. Double or triple thickness provides resistance for the more severe conditions. There is no maximum width, and a variety of materials are used to protect slings and to protect loads, depending on the degree of abrasion expected in the application.

Sparkeater: Fire Resistant Soft Sling

These slings are designed for use in steel workshops, welders, boilermakers, and so forth. They are also perfect for construction sites that need to weld-in steel held by a crane. It has the same advantanges as a normal Twin-Path sling, but with the added advantage of fire resistance.

The Sparkeater sling is ideal for hot environments, up to 150°C, enabling a lift without marring the surface of the lifted piece. Also, for stage rigging, giving protection from fire, heat, sparks, and pyrotechnics. Black is available for theatre, or yellow for all other applications.

When lifting heated steel, wire rope or chain slings might scratch the load causing expensive rework. Fire exposure testing was performed by London Scientific, and the product was identified as being as good as wire rope or chain for use in off-shore applications in the oil industry.

Two Independent Cores

Twin-Path provides unique, patented backup protection. There are actually two independent cores of K-Spec fibre in the one sling. If a single path is damaged in use, the second path will perform as a backup and maintain control until the load is lowered. The Twin-Path helps reduce the potential for catastrophic material mishandling. Another early warning system is built into Twin-Path slings through the use of two independent, colour-coded covers. If the outer cover is cut, the patented red inner cover is instantly visible, providing a visual alert to remove the sling from service. As long as the inner core yarns are not damaged, Twin-Path slings can be repaired with bulked nylon patches, proof tested and re-certified.

CornerMax® Pads and Sleeves

Most synthetic sling accidents are caused by cutting. There are many kinds of protective sleeves and pads available, but only two synthetic protectors provide adequate cut protection: CornerMax® Pads and CornerMax® Sleeves have been engineered and tested to provide 4464 kg of protection per centimetre of sling width. CornerMax® pads are designed for 90° straight edges, whereas CornerMax® sleeves are for other edges.

CornerMax® sleeves may look like traditional protection sleeves, but are made of a high tech fibre that is specially woven to provide cut protection for a variety of edges and surfaces.

For synthetic slings, the most critical decision is whether cut protection is needed. In some circumstances no cut protection, or simplified softeners only, are required. At Bunzl Safety we have a full line of engineered softeners that are excellent for abrasion protection or for protecting a load surface.